Program Lunch Presentations

Six presentations on related work in two concurrent sessions:

Session 1: Reto Speck, KCL and NIOD (chair) (13:15 - 14.15)

(1) Dana Porath, Yad Vashem Online: Making Memory Relevant

(2) Michael Grunberger, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: New Online Catalog

(3) Dov Winer, Judaica Europeana: Content, Linked Data Infrastructure and Scholarship

Session 2: Petra Links, NIOD (chair) (13.15 - 14.15)

(1) Nicolai M. Zimmermann, German Federal Archives: Documentation of the Persecution of Jews in Germany 1933-1945

(2) Edith Raim, Institute for Contemporary History Munich - Berlin: Hitler's Mein Kampf Annotated Edition

(3) Michal Frankl, Jewish Museum Prague: EHRI's Terezín Research Guide


Meet the Organizers in the Auditorium (13.15 - 14.15):

  • Tobias Blanke (DARIAH, EHRI)
  • Conny Kristel (EHRI, DARIAH) 
  • Heike Neuroth (DARIAH, EHRI, TextGrid)


The co-organizers and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research will introduce themselves via on-going screen presentations (12.35 – 14.25):


Glashof, Jewish MuseumHolocaust Denkmal, Berlin