People in EHRI: Sandra Rosenfeld-Katz from Yad Vashem and Project Manager EHRI Online Course

Sandra Rosenfeld
Tuesday, 4 June, 2019

Sandra works for the Yad Vashem: E-Learning Department at the International School for Holocaust Studies. For EHRI she is involved in Training and Education (work package 4) as Project Manager of the Interactive EHRI Online Course in Holocaust Studies.

I believe that through education, the transmission of information, and the knowledge of facts and values, we can change people’s attitudes, world views, and behavior, thus enriching their lives and hopefully creating a more equal and tolerant world.

I was born in Mexico City. I am of Hungarian and Serbian (former Yugoslavian) descent.

My father was on a train headed to Auschwitz and was saved, by pure chance, when he was 12 years old. 

My father's story combined with my personal background and beliefs have led me to do what I do today. I am a Holocaust and art educator, living in Israel - with breaks - since 1996. I have worked at Yad Vashem for the last nine years in different departments and positions. In 2015, I began working in the E- Learning Department at the International School for Holocaust Studies (ISHS) under the direction of Dr. Na'ama Shik. I also guide at Yad Vashem and give workshops on different subjects.

My work at the E-Learning Department includes writing, developing, producing, managing and guiding various online projects for a variety of target audiences. As part of this, I am currently responsible for the management and development of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in partnership with University College London on Holocaust education. I am also presently involved in the development of online learning environments and lesson plans on Holocaust and art.

As member of EHRI’s "WP4- Training and Education", our department was tasked with the creation and implementation of an online course titled "‘It Must All be Recorded Without a Single Fact Left Out’: The Holocaust through the Perspective of Primary Sources." The course introduces its students to Holocaust related primary sources and to their critical examination and application. I am in charge of the management and facilitation of the course, which I developed together with Dafna Dolinko, under the guidance of Dr. Na'ama Shik and the assistance of other EHRI partners.

The course brings together EHRI's core principles and objectives. It presents primary sources that are kept in different archives and institutions around the world, making them accessible to a wider public. The structure of the course, particularly its online forums, facilitates interaction among participants allowing for the sharing of documents, information and knowledge. It has proven to be extremely successful.

Being part of EHRI has been an enriching experience for me. At the end of the day big changes start with individuals who believe in them and drive them forward. I am proud to be part of a project that allows this to happen.

I live with my husband Michael and my two children - Mia and Gabriel - in the outskirts of Jerusalem. I combine my family life and work with my passion for painting.

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