People in EHRI – Daniel Cesarani

Daniel Cesarani works in the Visitor Services Team and Collections Department of The Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide in London’s Russell Square.

I have been working with EHRI since soon after I joined the Wiener Library around a year and a half ago. With a strong family connection to Holocaust studies I wanted to work in a field that could support academics working in the field and increase my experience in the subject at the same time. The Wiener Library gave me both opportunities and EHRI has proven to be a very welcome addition to my responsibilities here. At The Wiener Library I am in charge of the Periodicals Collection as well as responding to question from our readers via the Wiener Library Contact page.

EHRI has been an influential part of my work at the Wiener Library leading me to collaborate with academics from across Europe in this fantastic project. The main foci of my work during my time with EHRI have been helping to keep the EHRI news feed populated with new stories, keeping the EHRI Fellows pages updated as new fellows are accepted, working on expanding EHRI’s social media presence (with the help of Petra Drenth), and most recently embarking on creation of the online manual for the EHRI Portal.

The online manual will be an exciting new addition to the EHRI Portal, giving first time users an accessible guide to the EHRI Portals intricacies. The manual will start with a short video that will introduce the EHRI Portal. Working with Reto Speck and Petra Drenth on this project has been a great opportunity to experience the high levels of engagement and expertise that have made the EHRI Project such a success so far.

Over the coming months I will be taking part in EHRI’s first online course, “Holocaust Sources and Their Critical Use”. By experiencing what EHRI can do for users from their perspective I hope to be able to advise EHRI as to how we can improve in our ability to communicate the fantastic resources available to the general public.