Polin Museum Conference: "November Hopes. Jews and the Independence of Poland in 1918" - 29-30 November 2018

Tuesday, 6 November, 2018

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews is pleased to invite to participate in the international academic conference
"November Hopes. Jews and the Independence of Poland in 1918", which will take place on 29‑30 November 2018 at the POLIN Museum.

The conference will fill in the void in the historical awareness concerning the history of Polish Jews and in the study of their problematic relations - with the administration as well as with non-Jewish residents of reborn Poland.

The main emphasis shall be laid on the presentation of varied attitudes and opinions voiced by the Jewish communities on the basis of new archival sources, including the sources available only in the Jewish languages.

The conference’s topic will be the attitude of Jewish communities towards Poland regaining its independence in 1918. Scholars from Poland, Lithuania, Germany, the United States, Canada and Israel will participate in the conference.

During the conference, the scholars will address the three main issues:

  • the Jewish community’s hopes flared up by Poland regaining independence
  • fears fuelled by rapid political changes
  • the reality awaiting Jews in the newly reborn state

Keynote: Independence for Whom? Jews and the New Political Order in Eastern Europe after 1918, Prof. David Engel from New York University.

Languages: Polish and English (simultaneous translation).

Admission free.