EHRI User Feedback Group


EHRI started its second phase in May 2015. In this new phase EHRI will sustain and expand its current work. More Holocaust institutions will be invited to participate and connect their collections in the EHRI portal, and new research tools will be implemented.

Close cooperation

These goals can only be reached in close cooperation with Holocaust researchers, digital humanists and archivists. For this reason the EHRI-project has invited interested Holocaust researchers, digital humanists and archivists to form a User Feedback Group.

What does the EHRI User Feedback Group do?

  • The User Feedback Group is involved in usability tests of the portal, e.g. does the portal provide good search facilities for researchers? This will help EHRI to develop better services for researchers, digital humanists and archivists.
  • The User Feedback Group provides early feedback on prototypes of EHRI tools and services.


The EHRI User Feedback Group is multidisciplinary. Its members are Holocaust researchers, digital humanists, archivists and other professionals at institutions, responsible for describing and preserving Holocaust related resources.