EHRI Document Blog: Murdered on the Verge of Survival: Massacres in the Last Days of the Siege of Budapest, 1945

Wednesday, 8 February, 2017

A new EHRI Document Blog post on Hungary is out!

Archivists of the EHRI associate partner Hungarian National Archives, László Csősz and Laura Csonka take a microhistorical approach to the last phase of the Holocaust, and examine events that unfolded in the span of one week in one neighborhood of Budapest.

The blog combines wartime and post-war accounts as well as the perspectives of victims, perpetrators, bystanders and investigators. The focus is on the records of an important but largely forgotten early landmark of post-war retribution and Holocaust documentation, the Committee for the Investigation of Nazi and Arrow Cross Atrocities. The blog post illustrates the diverse nature of Holocaust-related sources as well, presenting documents from six different archival collections, as well as unique photos and film footage.

Readers are also invited to explore the wartime map of Budapest and a timeline recording the parallel events of those fateful days: liberation and survival on the Pest side of the Hungarian capital and continued anti-Jewish terror on the Buda side.

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Part II of the blog post entitled "The Profile of the Perpetrators" is soon to follow.