Petra Drenth, Publicity and Dissemination Officer EHRI


Like everyone working for EHRI, I am in fact employed by one of the 20 organisations that form the consortium. My office is at NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in the Netherlands. NIOD is coordinator for EHRI and the Dutch institute has been involved in the project from the start.

When the first initiatives for EHRI were taken, I was working for NIOD as an assistant researcher on another project. Before my employment at NIOD I studied History at the University of Amsterdam and worked, among other things, for the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, making exhibitions.

It was Conny Kristel, Project Director of EHRI, who asked me to become Publicity and Dissemination Officer for EHRI. When I joined EHRI, the project was still in its preparation stage, so I performed all sorts of tasks, whatever was necessary to get the Launch Event and Grant Agreement happening.

Now the project has really started, I work with other people from Work Package 8 on, for example, the website, this newsletter and communication. I love working for EHRI because it’s a dynamic and international project with an interesting goal: the creation of a Holocaust Research Infrastructure. I like to tell people about this and I especially like to write. In fact I like writing so much I also write and publish fiction in my spare time, if I don’t work for EHRI, or look after my 1½ year old daughter.

EHRI Newsletter, February 2011