EHRI Community Hub and Surveys

Sunday, 23 October, 2011

'Could my organization become a partner of EHRI?' 'I am a researcher of the Holocaust in the Ukraine and I would like to discuss this topic with other researchers. Could you help me?' 'As a student of Holocaust Studies I would like to get into contact with the research community.' 'I lost my mother in the Second World War. Where can I find more information about her?' 

These are a few examples of the questions that EHRI receives. The development of a website through which the Holocaust research community can cooperate, share content and communicate has since the launch of EHRI been one of the project’s main targets. In 2012 we will be launching the EHRI Community Hub – a collaborative working and communications space for Holocaust researchers and institutions, allowing the sharing of information, exploration of questions, and dissemination of outcomes.

The Hub will be an interactive platform which will provide answers to many of the questions we receive, as well as enabling groups to form. For example, a researcher with an interest in the Holocaust in the Ukraine could set up a ‘Holocaust in the Ukraine’ group and invite other users with a similar interest to join. Users can also create content, join forum discussions, add events or upload files and documents. We are looking forward to seeing the Hub grow and develop, led by EHRI’s Partners and Associate Partners.For  an example of an existing community hub for research and teaching in the digital arts and humanities look at


In order to build the best Virtual Research Environment possible, it’s vital that we understand what our users want. What do you, as future users, expect and need from an online research portal? Whether you are an individual researcher or a Holocaust institution we would welcome your views and opinions on all matters concerning the building of the infrastructure.

Over the coming months we will be working closely with the Users Advisory Committee to help us with our research, but we will also be issuing a number of surveys to individuals users and Holocaust research and archival organizations. For more information, please visit our website or email us.