Breakthrough in Access to FSU Archives

Tuesday, 20 December, 2011

Recently EHRI partner Yad Vashem signed a breakthrough agreement with the archival authorities of Lithuania and Belarus and will soon sign a new agreement with the archival authority of Ukraine. Under the agreements, Yad Vashem will copy numerous documents related to the Holocaust period located in the state archives of Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus. A similar agreement was signed earlier this year with the Ukrainian SBU (secret service) archives.

Bringing copies of these archives to Yad Vashem will make them available to researchers in Israel and around the world. The state archives contain official documentation of the occupying Nazi regime, as well as that of the local authorities, which sheds light on the Holocaust period, in particular the critical years of 1941-43. The project to copy the archival documentation in the former Soviet Union is made possible thanks to the Genesis Philanthropy Group and the European Jewish Fund. Read more >>