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Survey for Collection Holding Institutions

This survey was closed on October 1, 2012. We are now analyzing the results. Thank you all for taking the time to respond!

Do you work for an institution that holds materials related to the Holocaust?

Perhaps you are an archivist, a staff member at a museum, or devoting your time to a memorial site?

Then you could help us by filling out this survey.

To be part of EHRI and to have your collections represented in EHRI, please provide us with information on your organization and a person we can contact by clicking on the survey. It will take you less than 5 minutes.

EHRI wants to know everything about Holocaust related collections. Because EHRI wishes to provide the research community with an international overview, as complete as possible, of sources documenting the Holocaust.

As an online research portal EHRI intends to support:

  • researchers, who will be able to access information through one central platform;
  • all relevant collection holding institutions, who will be able to share their collections descriptions.

We would like to thank you in advance for helping us to make EHRI a succes.

Any institution with one or more collections containing Holocaust-related material (i.e. sources on the persecution and extermination of the European Jews by Nazi Germany and its allies) is of interest to our project. Such collections can include victim, perpetrator, and so-called bystander sources dating from 30 January 1933 onwards (to the present). If you have any questions regarding EHRI and our working methods, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Survey for Holocaust researchers

We are conducting a quick survey in order to find out how Holocaust researchers discover and use information. The findings of our survey will contribute to the specification of the planned digital infrastructure for Holocaust research at international level.

The survey consists of seventeen questions, with predefined choices. It should take you between 10-15 minutes to respond to all questions.

If you are a researcher working on a Holocaust-related topic please take the time to help us out!

This survey was closed on April 30, 2012. We are now analyzing the results.

Thank you all for taking the time to respond!