Tim Cole

Tim Cole is Professor of Social History and Director of the Brigstow Institute at the University of Bristol. He is the author of Images of the Holocaust/Selling the Holocaust (1999), Holocaust City (2003), Traces of the Holocaust (2011) and Holocaust Landscapes (2016) and co-editor of Militarised Landscapes (2010) and Geographies of the Holocaust (2014).


'Digital Representations as Research Tools: The Experience of Geographies of the Holocaust'

Abstract of presentation for Holocaust Studies in the Digital Age. What’s New? on 2 July 2019

In this lecture, I draw on a decade-long collaboration between historians, art historians, geographers, cartographers and GIScientists that have made use of a range of digital humanities methods to uncover spatial patterns and experiences during the Holocaust. In particular, I focus on how a variety of digital humanities tools (from GIS to Corpus Linguistics) can be used as part of the research process. Rather than thinking of them as final products, I ask how they can be used to enable new ways of seeing the archive, generate new questions, and then return us to the archive to read the sources differently. 

Tim Cole
University of Bristol