EHRI Portal Receives Honorary Mention Prix Ars Electronica 2018

Honorary Mention Prix Ars Electronica
Tuesday, 12 June, 2018

On 11 june 2018, it was announced that the EHRI Portal is the winner of an Honorary Mention of the Prix Ars Electronica in the category Digital Communities.

“It is really interesting to see the diversity of the projects and how they affect the lives of people or society,” says one juror of the Digital Communities category on the Ars Electronica Blog. The social impact of the projects is considered especially important. “For me, it is very interesting to see the development of the projects – going from grassroots movements to established organizations,” adds another jury member.

The Prix Ars Electronica is the world’s most time-honored media arts competition. Winners are awarded the coveted Golden Nica statuette, prize money ranging up to € 10,000 per category and an opportunity to showcase their talents at the famed Ars Electronica Festival in Linz.

Golden Nica's by Ars Electronica

3.046 entries from 85 countries were submitted for Prix Ars Electronica prize consideration this year. The Golden Nica statuettes will be bestowed upon the honorees at the Ars Electronica Gala on September 8, 2018 in Linz’s Brucknerhaus. The prizewinning projects will be showcased in the CyberArts exhibition at the OK Center for Contemporary Art.

The Digital Communities category focuses on the wide-ranging social and artistic impact of the Internet technology as well as on the latest developments in social software, user generated content, mobile communications and location based services. Digital Communities focuses on innovation in relation to human coexistence. Its main goals lie in first, bridging the geographical as well as the genderbased digital divide and second, bridging across cultural conflicts and third, supporting cultural diversity and freedom of artistic expression. Digital Communities sheds light on the political and artistic potential of digital and networked systems. As such, Digital Communities selects a broad range of projects, applications, artworks, initiatives and phenomena around which social and artistic innovation is taking place, as it were, in real time.

EHRI Online Portal

EHRI was recommended to the Prix Ars Electronica 2018 competition as a public nomination. Its success in winning an honorary mention showcases the  social, political and cultural relevance of its activities as well as its increasing recognition as an innovative project among communities beyond Holocaust research and archives.

The Prix Ars Electronica was launched in 1987 by Ars Electronica co-founder Hannes Leopoldseder.

Winners 2018:

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