Visit the EHRI Online Course in Holocaust Studies

Monday, 2 March, 2015

Discover the hitherto little-known camp at Bobruysk, weigh in on the churches in Ukraine during the Holocaust, uncover the perspective of Jewish children in the ghettos and undertake a comparison of persecution in different countries in Western Europe – the EHRI Online Course in Holocaust Studies awaits avid users.

Please click on this link and access the online course:

The EHRI Online Course is a work in progress: Watch out for more material arriving as translations of sources especially continue to be uploaded. 

EHRI decided to develop a course that teaches general issues by using selected representative examples. In this vein, five overarching topics of general importance to Holocaust research were developed for the online course. The course design is directed at university graduate students, but also offers pertinent information to other interested users.

The following five units have been developed:

Each course unit includes a general introduction as well as a discussion of the historiography of the subject at hand and an appraisal of the pertinent source types. Approximately five chapters offer perspectives on chosen central issues of the topic. Each of these chapters consists of an introduction to the specific issue as well as up to ten sources (including texts, photographs, sound and video sources). Sources are presented in facsimile wherever possible, followed by a transcription in the original language where legibility is an issue. We also offer English translations of text documents.

We invite you to explore the various perspectives by which the EHRI Online Course authors shed light on the sources and on current questions in Holocaust research.