EHRI for Collection Holding Institutions: New Webpage Explains How to Integrate Your Data in the EHRI Portal

EHRI Decision Tree for Collection Holding Institutions
Thursday, 1 February, 2018

EHRI just launched a new webpage “EHRI for Collection Holding Institutions” on its project website to facilitate and group all the new methodologies and tools that EHRI has developed in order to integrate descriptions of Holocaust-related sources into the EHRI portal. If you work for an institution that holds Holocaust-related archival materials, in Europe or beyond, you can now become part of the EHRI Portal.

The “EHRI for Institutions” page provides information for current and future institutions to collaborate with EHRI. Moreover, it gives them a step-by-step overview of all the capabilities EHRI offers to integrate their data into the EHRI portal.

If institutions have any difficulties in identifying which course of action(s) fits their institution best, there is a decision tree to help them navigate the different options which lead to a personalized scenario for each and every institution.

Apart from the decision tree, the new webpage also offers slide shows that illustrate the tools and manuals available as well as providing a visual aid when institutions venture into the portal or data integration.

The two main options for adding collection descriptions to the EHRI Portal are manual integration and automated integration. The automated integration of collection descriptions and other data is advantageous as it creates a sustainable connection between an institution and the EHRI portal. This means that descriptions that are updated at the institute will automatically be changed in the EHRI portal. For automated integration, EHRI has designed two brand new tools: the EAD Conversion Tool and the Metadata Publishing Tool.

The new webpage gives step by step advice, but also urges institutions to get in touch with EHRI if they encounter any problems or have questions by providing two points of contacts: Charlotte Hauwaert for all practicalities, and Francesco Gelati for all technical related questions.

Go to the webpage EHRI for Collection Holding Institutions

Download a short guide EHRI for Collection Holding Institutions