Research Users Advisory Committee

Key to the success of EHRI is to engage with researchers working in the field of Holocaust research, to understand their research practices, and to ensure that their requirements are fully understood and incorporated into the resulting infrastructure.

To that end the project had a team (work package 16) devoted to working with researchers within and outside of educational institutions. In addition to conducting interviews and surveys this team had established a Research Users Advisory Committee that provided much appreciated comment and feedback as the requirements for the project were developed.

The Research Users Advisory Committee helped to:

  • identify and analyse scholarly research practices and the use of archival materials in the area of holocaust studies;
  • identify and analyse digital methods and research practices and how these might support and enhance research in holocaust studies;
  • identify and analyse modes of archival support provided for researchers using holocaust archives;
  • synthesise our analyses and develop a set of data and functional requirements to guide the technical development of the EHRI research infrastructure.

In the beginning of 2015 the Research Users Advisory Committee was dissolved. In the second phase of EHRI, starting May 2015, a new group will be formed.